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intro to zine-making

What is a zine? Short for "magazine", zines are small self-published works. Zines are usually reminiscent of a small book but can take many forms. Zine-making began as a way for marginalized voices to disseminate information and has expanded to become a method for creative expression.







In this workshop, you will learn a few methods for zine-making including a simple 8-page folded zine and a simple thread-binded version. Participants will discover that zines can be a unique way to display and catalog artwork, writing, collections, collage or ideas. Participants will leave with at least three different types of zines to continue working on at home.

You may consider participating in this workshop if you are a poet, have an idea for a short story, want to make a unique card for a friend, have a collection of small flat items that you want to display (i.e. stamps, stickers, flowers), have an idea for a small series of artwork you want to create, would like to make a small sketchbook for your travels, etc.


Artistree Community Arts Center is located in beautiful Pomfret, Vermont. Find out more about Artistree here

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